My Writing

Melissa Gopp writes all of the content on and occasionally writes for other sites and publications. Her current project in progress is a full-length memoir.


Jacksonville Mom: Playground Fail: What Happened When I Sent My Boys Solo (June 2019) Could Your Parent’s Infidelity be Causing Your Trust Issues? (Sep 2018)

Jacksonville Mom: After Infidelity, All Paths Lead to Hard Work (Aug 2018 – Honorable Mention for Most Read Posts of 2018)

Jacksonville Mom: You’re Sexy and I Know It (May 2017)

Yoga Journal magazine: Grace Leads the Way (Feb 2009)

The Writer magazine: Yoga can get you in the flow (Dec 2008)

Mini Memoir

Rise Above Trust Issues: A mini memoir of learning to live and love after betrayal (Aug 2018)