Free Sample Chapter: Rise Above Trust Issues

It’s amazing what you have to do to get people to listen these days. There’s so much noise and competition on social media. If a girl isn’t careful, she’ll end up spending all of her precious time in a marketing frenzy instead of getting to the real work of putting words on the page.

When I released my first mini memoir last fall, I followed the popular advice: make people give you their email address before you give them a free chapter. But it’s not getting to as many people as I would like, and I’m not interested in competing with all the other voices that crowd your inbox on a daily basis.

So, here you go. It’s free. For real free. No personal information required. I’ve been through a lot and landed in a life I never could have imagined for myself. I write so that my words can find the people who need them the most. Please enjoy what I have to offer now as I work on what’s next.

Rise Above Trust Issues Free Ebook Chapter Cover             Rise Above Trust Issues Free Audio

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