How do you need to tell your story today?

I invite you to break the silence anonymously here on Blue Venus Rising. See what other readers have submitted in our community story bank, and consider using these prompts to help get you started:

  1. I tell people that the moment that changed everything was ________, but the real moment that changed everything was _________.
  2. If I could tell one story and be promised immunity from any negative consequences, it would be….
  3. The thing that no one knows about my story is….
  4. I think I’m the only person in the world who has experienced….
  5. I don’t share my full story because….

Submission Guidelines

  • This is a totally anonymous submission form. We ask that you not reveal the identity of yourself or anyone else in your story. Anonymity is intended to maximize our freedom of expression and speech in this public space.
  • Please do not submit a story that is owned by another person or publication.
  • Most of our readers’ stories are 600 – 1000 words long. But please use as many or as few words as you need to tell the story you need to tell.

By submitting your story here on, you are donating your words to our story-telling community. As the story bank grows, we will share the wealth by publishing them in whole or in part online and possibly in print publications. Submissions may be edited for length and grammar and will not be materially changed in any way. Please review and accept the complete Terms and Conditions of Website Use and Privacy Policy before submitting your story.