How to Feel Better

Feeling my feelings—meaning feel fear better, feel grief better, and feel anger better—is my largest task at hand. A hike on my trip through the Blue Ridge Parkway taught me to open to the feels, no matter how small. READ MORE

Grace on the Heels of Hell

It’s hard to miss the fact that I’m in love these days. To the casual acquaintance, it probably seemed to come out of left field. But as the case is so often, there’s more to the story than most people know. READ MORE

Free Sample Chapter: Rise Above Trust Issues

Whether you’ve experienced betrayal in a marriage or as a result of other family dynamics, Melissa’s stories are intended to help you take a closer look at the patterns that keep playing out in your relationships, learn to make different choices, and start thriving in life and love. READ MORE

Letting Go Out Loud into My Second Life

For two years now I’ve been writing about my traumatic divorce and the healing journey it thrusted me into. I’ve needed to tell you about it, and some of you have needed to hear it. Today I have a new story to tell. READ MORE