Coming Soon: Rise Above Trust Issues eBook

A mini memoir of learning to live and love after betrayal

One day I woke up and realized that I don’t have trust issues. I have razor sharp intuition.

One of my greatest struggles when I re-entered the dating world after a traumatic divorce was learning to trust again. Today I am at peace with myself, my partner, and the continued healing work that lies ahead. But not too long ago, I was not okay.

What motivates me to share my journey is the contrast between the inner chaos and tension I used to feel and the calm stability I feel today. There’s no reason for anyone to live the way I was living. If my story can help one person take one step closer to freedom, I consider it worth my time to share.

What’s Inside

In my new ebook, I use my experiences and my path to healing to help you explore how to:

  • Recognize the difference between trauma and intuition
  • Examine the ways you may be inviting betrayal into your life
  • Stop unhealthy coping mechanisms like obsessive thoughts and snooping
  • Shift your focus to yourself, your healing work, and your current reality
  • Have the confidence to trust yourself

Whether you’ve experienced betrayal in a marriage or as a result of other family dynamics, my stories are intended to help you take a closer look at the patterns that keep playing out in your relationships, learn to make different choices, and start thriving in life and love.

*Update: Rise Above Trust Issues is available in audio and ebook here. The first chapter is free!

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