Positive Masculinity and The Gender Binary: A Full Spectrum Conversation

Blue Venus Rising PodcastWhat could there possibly be to learn about masculinity from a woman and a person who identifies as transgender? Melissa Gopp and Kai-Sebastian Stout break the silence on the gender binary and positive masculinity in a unique and intimate conversation that has the potential to transform the way we look at parenting, romantic relationships, and authentic community.

About 1 in every 250 U.S. adults, or nearly 1 million nationally, identify as transgender—a term used to describe a person who has a different gender identity than they were assigned at birth. While the majority of Americans don’t currently question the gender they were born into, this growing population is a physical embodiment of a much-needed healing process between the masculine and feminine parts of ourselves and our society.

Today we’re all living with the consequences of a male-dominated society—what many call the patriarchy and toxic masculinity. Many females take refuge in the safety of women-only groups as they learn to speak up and take pride in what it means to be a woman. Meanwhile, we’re all left wondering what it means to be a man in a world where masculinity is associated with so much negativity.

Is there an alternative way to heal the feminine, reclaim the masculine, and make room for authentic connection? Join us as we use our personal experiences and thoughts to explore the state of affairs between genders and how to better integrate them for healthier, more balanced love relationships, parenting practices, and self expression in the world.

*Special thanks to Women Writing for (a) Change, Jacksonville for bringing us together and inspiring our conversation. Your thought-provoking and inclusive groups inspired this expression of the individual voice.

KaiKai-Sebastian Stout began his gender identity journey and transition in 2016. Today he identifies as non-binary and transgender. He is passionate about using his skills and experiences to help parents-to-be consciously bring children into the world with tools like coaching, yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry. He is the parent and birther of his vibrant and happy 6-year-old daughter, Lily. Learn more about Kai-Sebastian and the services he offers at www.quantumkai.com.

Melissa GoppMelissa Gopp is the owner of BlueVenusRising.com where she writes about parenting, love, and healing from trauma. She is a beach bum at heart and passionate about giving people an anonymous, safe space to share the things they think they’re not allowed to talk about. Learn more at bluevenusrising.com/about.

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