What needs to be said, and who needs to hear it?

Everybody has a story. What we want to know is: what part of your story are you not talking about?

Break the Silence

Those of us with predominantly feminine energy are so very used to keeping the peace and thinking about everyone else before ourselves. Too often we are willing to suppress those deep, dark details of our stories to protect our families and even the very people who have hurt us.

We’re afraid that standing in our truth and fully owning up to our experiences will damage the people around us. But at what expense are we damaging ourselves?

Telling our stories is our lifeline—whether it’s with a trusted friend, a 12-step group, or an online forum. It’s how we know the unspeakable things in our lives are really happening.

When you tell your story to another human, they can say “That’s not okay!” or “Here’s how I got through.”

If you voice it, you have to face it. And you know what? You have the power to do it.