Rise Above Trust Issues: A mini memoir of learning to live and love after betrayal

You know you don’t want to just play it safe for the rest of your life, but how do you trust again after being betrayed? Is there any hope for shedding those fear-based, paralyzing reactions that keep you from engaging with life and love?

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Through ebook and audio, Melissa Gopp uses her experiences from a traumatic divorce and her path to healing to help her readers explore how to:

Recognize the difference between trauma and intuition

Examine the ways you may be inviting betrayal into your life

Stop unhealthy coping mechanisms like obsessive thoughts and snooping

Shift your focus to yourself, your healing work, and your current reality

Have the confidence to trust yourself

Whether you’ve experienced betrayal in a marriage or as a result of other family dynamics, Melissa’s stories are intended to help you take a closer look at the patterns that keep playing out in your relationships, learn to make different choices, and start thriving in life and love.

Praise for Rise Above Trust Issues

“Melissa Gopp has crafted a beautiful memoir filled with transparency and soul. Her journey from the abyss to the higher light of day is compelling and filled with deep wisdom one can apply to the daily unfolding of our own life. This is a fabulous piece of work that will definitely help people.” -Paul Samuel Dolman, author of Hitchhiking with Larry David and host of What Matters Most podcast

Rise Above Trust Issues offers a pointed, effective method of first, recognizing trauma when it occurs, and second, how to quickly heal from its possible devastation to our happiness. In her gem of a book—half memoir, half how-to—any of us who have suffered from another’s disloyalty will benefit from reading Melissa Gopp’s short and inspiring book.”
-teZa Lord, author of We Are One and In the ‘I’

“I work as a trauma therapist, and there were so many overlaps in the knowledge Melissa shared and what I encourage the people I work with to do. I appreciated Melissa’s willingness to be vulnerable and share her journey related to trust. I could really relate. My betrayal trauma happened when my father was unfaithful to my mother, and they divorced. I carried that trauma into a very significant long term relationship. Luckily, I figured out how to surrender, and trust is now easy in my marriage (to a different person). There is so much freedom in knowing that betrayal, if it should happen, will not break me.” -Kellie

“I love the metaphors and stories. It’s so helpful to really learn a concept when it’s taught that way. The section on snooping was very helpful and introduced some ideas that I hadn’t really thought about. I love how easy it is to read.” -Dara

“Melissa’s book was both heartfelt and eye-opening. I cried through most of it. It hit home in so many ways, especially in the type of person I was attracting, and it allowed me to focus on where my change is needed in trusting again.” -Vanessa

“I’ve been through similar situations, and this book was very helpful. I wish I would have had it during that time. Melissa’s story is very touching and could help others going through the same.” -Abbey